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  The concept of home exchange or home swapping began in the year 1950 as an effective means of social interface. Earlier, this was a simple method which was advertised through printed booklets but now it has taken a more sophisticated turn. The phrase ‘Home away from home’ is finding a new definition with the flourishing home exchange market in the US. This relatively new phenomenon is finding an interested audience among the signature travel lovers who like to tour across the length and breadth of the globe. No matter how much you enjoy your work, there are bound to be times when you wish you could get away from all of it. There are a lot of issues that can cause stress at the work place.

Having difficult deadlines, uncooperative co-workers or demanding clients are some of them. A lot has been written and said about India’s beaches, history, hills and culture. But this article takes a fresh look at some romantic corners in the country. So, if you are a honeymooner, then this piece should give you great ideas. Did you ever imagine, some years ago, that you might be swapping your house with total strangers living in a different corner of the world? You might have thought that this is some kind of a silly joke. Little would you have known that such kind of house swapping will become a full throttle business in some years to come.


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  Almost all of us love going on holiday, but very few of us love flying. This is something of a paradox though seeing as you need to get on a plane if you are going to get to the most exotic and restful locations. Going on holiday is undoubtedly an exciting time of year and one that most of us will look forward to greatly, but that isn’t to say that it’s not without its own problems and foibles. In fact most of us will tend to look back on holidays with rather rose-tinted glasses viewing the occasion as being a perfect and smooth time when in actual fact it’s often anything but. There are many frustrating things that can go wrong with a holiday, and there are many ways that our perfect vacation can be ruined. There are a vast number of great benefits to going on holiday, all of which leave us looking forward to the prospect of travelling and counting down to the day we leave. Unfortunately though one of these benefits is not financial, and the main downside to most of us going on holiday is the fact that it will put us severely out of pocket and represent a very hefty purchase. Fortunately there are a number of ways you can save money on your next trip and if you know how to you can certainly limit the financial.Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is ranked as one the top tourist destinations in the world and stands third in international visitor spending. Known as a shopping paradise, the city is also rated best in the categories of the visitor experience and value for money. What does the Boeing 787 Dreamliner have going for it that other airliners don’t? Well, the long answer is a laundry list of things, but the simple answer is, well simply; everything! Could this be why airlines are optimistic for the 787′s future and undeterred by the recent minor setbacks? Yes, I believe that is correct. Travelling by air has, these days become a slightly more daunting affair than it was in the past due to fact that, there are more flights, airports are more crowded and aircraft are now designed to take in more people. Therefore, it may seem that airports are now just as crowded and busy as a subway system or a bus depot in India. In order to ensure that your flight plans go ahead as scheduled and without any hitches, here are several things to keep in mind to ensure that there is no trouble and your journey remains hassle free.

Back in the early 2000′s, people were flocking to the Black Sea Coast to buy holiday apartments as investments. Most people bought their apartments off plan in purpose-built holiday complexes with fantastic facilities that looked set to provide a beautiful holiday destination and a great return on their investment. Unfortunately, in recent years the economy in Bulgaria, as in the rest of Europe, has entered a recession and the price of property has fallen. Sadly for those people who bought ten years ago, this means that they will currently only be able to sell their apartments at a loss. The provision of self catering in Westleton has been a requirement for some time. For those who stay in the area to visit the RSPB reserve at MInsmere Irene Lucas has help to facilitate this by the opening of the Annex at Moorside Lodge, which provides high quality self catering accommodation for holiday makers and business visitors alike. Close to all amenities in the village and the RSPB Sanctuary at Minsmere, this is an ideal place to stay. Early booking is advised.

How to make that night stand out with 3 easy steps. Plan, prepare and proceed.See New Zealand’s South Island on the thrilling, fun and sometimes challenging Otago Rail Trail. It might sound like it was built for trains, but the rail trail is actually a 150 kilometre track specifically built for walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders looking for a unique way to see the country. You’ll get your time in the great New Zealand outdoors and find yourself passing through dramatic scenery that you can’t see from a highway.Fort Desoto is one of Tampa Bay’s hidden treasures. Nature lovers savor the chance to experience one of the most pristine beaches in all the world!Vacationing in Tampa Bay and want to enjoy the outdoors? These fun recreational activities on the water are a great way to explore the area and get plenty of exercise. You won’t ever have to worry about sitting in your hotel room bored!

The Northeast Alabama Mountains are home to some the best highways and byways in the entire Southeast United States. Northeast Alabama is abundant with more national forests, state parks, wilderness areas and historical landmarks than any other state could possibly maintain in a small geographical area. The state boasts of providing ultimate protection for land without having too many heavily populated areas and the best of it is near the beginning of the Appalachian Trail.Imagine for just a moment that you are building an incredible two story tree house with your son. Next, take a second and daydream: you are laying in a hammock with that special someone. Sounds great right? Well keep in mind that none of that is going to happen unless you first plant a tree. Lucky for you, the perfect time to plant most species of trees is late winter or early spring – tree planting season is upon us! If you’re considering bringing a plant into the family that just might outlive you, make sure that the tree is a good fit for your yard, and that your yard makes a good home for the tree.

Snowdonia is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. With an abundance of mountains, coastline, forests and lakes, there’s always plenty to do outdoors in Snowdonia.A Columbia, South Carolina hotel highlights three South Carolina habitat areas preserved by The Nature Conservancy. Preserves in the Upstate, the Low Country, and the Sandhills region are open to the public.The Ancient Ram Inn goes back to the 900 AD. It is no longer a pub anymore or a priests home, it is now the home of John Humphries and is very very haunted. Before the place was built it was a an ancient pagan buriel ground and sits on hetty peglars tump. Bones were found supporting this and sacrificial marks were made when tested. This place is a minefield full of ghosts and we explore the paranormal as to what lurks at the Ancient Ram Inn.When it comes to hiking or camping outdoors, finding some sort of portable emergency water purification solution is an important safety part of your trip. By having a healthy water filtering method in hand, you can ensure a pleasant safe trip – no matter where you go.


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  Every good business meeting deal has to have at least one key client meeting, sometimes more. Usually the bigger the deal, the more meetings need to take place before, during and after. Getting all the key people together to discuss details and hammer out that agreement to get a win win for everyone can take a lot of time. Automotive LED lighting is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your automobile. Vehicle manufacturers have known this fact for years. The sleek styling of a beautiful car is generally shown off during the day.Have you ever wondered what PNR means? Well, PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. If you use the train frequently in India, you will know all about the PNR system. OK so I’ve written about four secrets for getting the most from your convention investment.

The first was – go one day early. The second was to make sure you always have a list of prepared questions you can ask an expert. The third was to volunteer once you get there. The fourth was to design and create your own name tag. Next the 5th secret was to ask for what you need. There are rare experts at your convention that you will never see again so be prepared and confident to ask for who you need to meet and what you need. Then the 6th secret was sharing YOUR knowledge and asking how you can help someone else. Remember the 7th secret? It was the importance of taking or recording your notes. And now we are on the 8th Secret which is… believe it or not.After a tiring flight there is nothing worse than the prospect of getting off a plane when you get to the airport then having to find public transport or stand in the queue for a taxi – just to get to your hotel or worse, to get home! You should avoid these hassles by organising an airport transfer. This article shares with you 3 reasons why you should hire a chauffeur driver and pre order your airport transfer before you arrive. You often hear stories of business men and women who need to get to the airport for their early morning flight only to have the taxi they thought they had booked let them down. Whilst not suggesting that all taxi drivers are bad their business is not solely reliant on repeat customers so sometimes they are late or they don’t turn up at all. If you are looking for an airport transfer you need a chauffeur driver. An article discussing essential items for any business person undertaking international corporate travel. What items you need to take with you to ensure that your next business trip is a smooth and incident-free experience.

Hundreds of people write about wilderness survival kits and what you should place in them. The new LED Rescue Light is a form of a wilderness survival kit.There is a great selection of RVs available that can be picked up right in Vancouver’s city centre as well as at the airport, all which offer a great way to uncover Vancouver. Cruise Canada’s C25 – Standard Motorhome is the most budget-friendly in the fleet and can sleep up to five people, while Traveland RV Rentals’ PT – 31′ Class A Motorhome is the most luxurious RV on offer in Vancouver.Fox Lake is one of the Space Coast’s Hidden Gems when it comes to Kayaking. Be prepared to see everything from Alligators to Otters, Limpkins to Ospreys and more in a beautiful wilderness setting just along the western edge of Titusville Florida.It was still dark as I pulled into the parking lot. I had ridden this trail a couple of times before but had never started out this early. March in South Carolina; it’s hard to predict the weather from one day to the next. I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and had brought along a sweatshirt just in case the temperature felt cooler than anticipated. As I readied my bike and began to stretch, I concluded the sweatshirt wasn’t necessary; so I locked my car, saddled my bike, snapped my shoes into the pedals and began my ride. I was about 5 minutes into the ride when a stark reality suddenly became quite clear to me… the sweat shirt was indeed an absolute necessity. I made an immediate U-turn, successfully retrieved my sweat shirt and once again began my ride; only this time feeling… a bit more comfortable.

Building better teams out of an average group of skilled individuals is an Art. It requires an innovative, unique and fun filled approach towards team building.Have you ever felt miserable and bored at work? Or frustrated to be going through the same routine day-in and day-out?A natural wonder in itself with loads of scenic splendor and racing whitewater action, kayaking the Yarlung Tsangpo River in Tibet is indeed a kayaker’s dream come true. The enormously deep gorges, foamy cascading whitewaters, larger than life canyons and the kaleidoscopic beauty and mystique of the whole region add even more allure to the invigorating expedition.Kayaking along the icy straits in Glacier Bay National Park promises to be ultimate fun for experienced and novice kayakers. One of the top five kayaking destinations, Glacier Bay has been declared by UNESCO as the largest protected biosphere in the world – with unimaginable tons of rock and ice. Glacier Bay covers an area of 1,375 square miles of glaciers, offering you some of the finest kayaking opportunities ever.Rafting the Siang River, India, is like taking a flight on the dragon’s back! It’s definitely an adventure that will pump your adrenalin and give you an all time high. No roller coasters in the world match the thrill of rafting in Siang. With plenty of class IV and class V rapids to test your mettle, the Siang River presents plenty of other opportunities, including overnight camping and visits to tribal areas of Arunachal Pradesh.Milos is blessed with around 70 beaches that vary from the sandy beach of Papafragas, surrounded by rocky walls, to the beach of Firiplaka dotted with colored rocks. Amid the setting sun and the aqua blue color of the sea, it is just the perfect place to laze around, meditate, finish writing a book, or enjoy the simple pleasure of adventure. Adventure on this island has a name, and it’s called “kayaking.”

With all of its thrills, from bungy jumping to skydiving, the fine dining and expensive resorts, one of the best things you can find yourself doing during a stay in New Zealand also happens to be one of the most simple. Known for lush forests and breathtaking landscapes, walking and hiking is one of the easiest and most unforgettable ways to immerse yourself in everything that makes the country what it is.In my book, there’s really only one month out of the year to visit Hawaii if you’re a photographer. You’d never guess – and it’s not a summer month!Islamorada is a famous fishing destination, as it features diverse species of underwater creatures. Many boat rentals are also available in the area to help anglers with their catch. Read on to know more about Islamorada fishing.A day outdoors brings a smile to my face. But let’s face it: a day outdoors is not the same as a two hour walk in the woods. It takes a bit more preparation and requires some gear. A two hour walk in the woods you can prep for with hardly any thinking and requires maybe a bottle of water and little else. A day in the woods, well… have a seat and let’s think this through.Kaikoura is a small town on the East Coast on the South Island of New Zealand. Kaikoura is 180km north of Christchurch, and is a noted tourism destination for both domestic and international visitors. This tourism is based on the astounding natural beauty and rich marine life.This article is about a road trip on a motorcycle in California on a winter day with my wife. We began our trip from Glendale and headed north towards Santa Barbara. We had breakfast at a stage coach tavern, rode through wineries in the surrounding areas and stopped in Solvang. We soaked in the scenery and returned home renewed and re-energized from our trip.